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The Ddamien Project, 501(c)3 tax exempt as of MAR 2017, EIN# 47-1664853

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving as many retiring Military, Contract and Law enforcment K9's as we can care for. We specialize in dogs that are usually not able to be adopted out because of Behavioral or medical reasons.

We give our dogs an opportunity find their inner dog again, whether through making new dogs friends, relaxing in the sun to watch the mountains, or if they are physically capable, give them the chance to learn great new "jobs" like swimming and Dock Diving. One of Our Extremely young Navy Washouts went on to earn his IPO1 Title at 7 years of age.

Most of our dogs were within days of being euthanized because an experienced, safe home could not be found for them. The military has made leaps and bounds in the progress they have made in regards to the adoption program, but there is such a small percentage of homes out there that understand the difficulties that some dogs will have due to training, ptsd, and medical issues.

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Woof Project is a 501c3 non-profit group comprised of dedicated volunteers who specialize in rescuing the Belgian Shepherd Malinois on the West Coast.

The dogs we acquire in rescue are often from private or public shelters. They may have originally been picked up as strays or turned in by their owners. Through no fault of their own, all of our rescues are without a secure, loving home. Our goal is to save the Belgian Malinois and match them up with loving, forever families. When you inquire about one of our available dogs, you will be asked to fill out an application. A Woof Project coordinator will contact you for a phone interview. If approved, we will then set up a home visit. Each of our dogs has their own unique, individual personalities and our goal is to find a perfect match for you and your lifestyle. Our group is especially knowledgeable about the Belgian Malinois. We have volunteer experts in veterinary care, nutrition and training. During and after adoption, we offer dedicated support for you and your adopted Malinois. The Belgian Malinois community is a small, devoted group who are passionate about the Belgian Malinois, their well-being and the future of the breed. Owning a Belgian Malinois is a way of life.

Raising Hope Dogs and Hope Dog Challenge

Raising Hope Dogs is an innovative organization blazing new trails in the complex world of working dogs. Our highly trained, uniquely skilled dogs partner with professionals to help kids with autism, behavioral challenges, down syndrome, and cerebral palsy reach their physical, social, emotional and behavioral goals. Simply put: our dogs change kids' lives! They motivate youth of all ages to try new foods, wait in line, follow complex directions, win and lose, toss, catch, kick, run, and repeat words until they are understood.  The bond between our kids and dogs is truly remarkable. Impossible life obstacles are mowed down in moments once our dogs enter their lives. We are pleased to partner with Agape Ranch Dog Sports to share Raising Hope Dogs with you.